We can do it all from start to finish.  Building permit, excavation, concrete work, framing packages, exterior finish and roofing, overhead door and opener, electrical package, gas and heating, and drywall.  We can build any size of garage.
View some of our garage work.


We can build any size driveway, from excavation to finished driveway, we also break and remove and replace old driveways. Prices includes excavation, gravelling, steel rebar on 24" centers, high grade of concrete used (32 mpa), 5-8% air entrainment added to concrete mix, sealer applied to surface of driveway to protect against oil spills and damage due to salt. Many finishes are available, std broom finish, expossed concrete, stamped concrete, and colour can be added to the mix.
Check out some of our driveways.

Exposed and Stamped Concrete

We use small rock (14 mm).  This rock is rounded and has no sharp edges.  Color can be added to match house colors or can be left with a light charcoal finish.  Sealers can be added after to the top of the exposed to bring out more colors. For stamped use a special design of mix concrete for doing stamped driveways and patios.  We have several stamps to choose from and colors can be added to match the colors on your house.  A final sealer is also added to the top of the stamped concrete to bring out the color in the concrete.  View pictures.


We can do it all from excavation, footings, concrete walls, wood ladder, steel rebar in footings and walls, pumping of concrete, weeping tile and gravel, and foundation spray. View pictures of basement work.


We can do everything: Walls and Footings, Grade Beam and Piles, and Commercial Slabs. See some examples of our work here.